Dr. Gursev Sandlas: First Robotic Paediatric Surgery

    9 year old boy hailing from Oman complained of intermittent pain in stomach for about 6 months.

    He was investigated in Oman and found to a PU Junction Obstruction. This is essentially means that there was a blockage in the tube connecting his Left Kidney to his urinary bladder. This resulted in massive swelling of his left kidney. Since this type of surgery was not possible in Oman the child was referred to KDAH. On arrival he was admitted under Dr Gursev Sandlas, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and Paeidatric Urologist at KDAH.

    On reviewing his reports, it was inferred that the best course of action would be to do a Key Hole Surgery using the Robot to ensure an impeccable repair given the complexity of his condition. The child underwent the surgery on 27 January 2017.

    The surgery was uneventful and he was walking around the very next day. He was discharged from the hospital within 2 days and spent a couple of days sightseeing the city and flew back to Oman 6 days after the surgery.