Dr. Vikas Basa: Limb salvaged

    Father, Shabbir Chunawala, must have never thought that his son would get his leg back…

    In early January 2020, a three and a half years Abdullah Chunawala from Jogeshwari was run over by a truck on his right leg and he sustained an open compound segmental fracture of the right Tibia with a profound contaminated degloving injury.  He was brought to the Kokilaben hospital after he was advised amputation of leg at two different hospitals in Mumbai.

    Dr.Vikas Basa examined the child in the ER, immediately started the crush protocol and explained the parents the severity of the injury, treatment protocol and re-assured the parents that there can be a possibility to salvage his limb with the risk involved.The vascular and plastic surgeon opinion was sought and after confirming the blood flow to the leg he was rushed to the operating room.

    Dr.Vikas thoroughly debrided his contaminated degloving wound and temporarily stabilized the segmental fracture with an external fixator. Multiple debridements were done and a vacuum assisted closure dressings were applied till the contamination was completely washed away. Appropriate antibiotics were started to keep the infection under control. Plastic surgeon covered the exposed bone with the available muscle, subsequently the external fixator was removed and an intra medullary rod was inserted. Now the fracture stability got improved. Meanwhile Abdullah was constantly under the rehabilitation program to improve his muscle power that would help in standing and walking. Once the skin graft healed well he was given a brace to protect his leg. After a one month long struggle in the hospital he was discharged with a proper care explained to the parents to be taken at home. At follow up Dr.Basa was finally happy to see  Abdullah bearing weight on his right leg as the fracture started uniting well. He was completely satisfied of taking up the challenge to save Abdullah’s leg. Dr.Basa appreciates the child’s patience and the parents cooperation.

    He sincerely thanks all the supporters who came forward to help Abdullah’s treatment in the hospital and outside. He extends his gratitude to the plastic surgeon colleague and the infectious disease specialist without whose help this challenge would not have been possible.