Prakash Mardolkar, Mumbai

Prakash Mardolkar, Mumbai

For many years I have been waiting to meet the authorities of the hospital to express my gratitude. Today I got the golden opportunity to meet you as well as Mrs. Tina Ambani herself.

A few years ago, we were in the hospital to see Dr. Niranjan Kulkarni, who was treating my wife for a urinary tract infection, and we were about to leave when the Director, Neurology, Dr. Bhatt saw my wife with dyskinesia. He immediately took us to his rooms, took over her treatment, and from that day onwards there was a remarkable change in her. Later on, after a few years when the medicines were not working as well on her, he advised us to try DBS surgery and talked us through the process. The surgery was completely successful.

Given our experience with DBS at Ambani hospital, we are proud to inform you that several potential DBS patients were guided to us to meet my wife to understand her experience and how she is doing. With a constant focus on activity, she is doing wonderfully well, which in turn has boosted the confidence of potential patients for this operation - after meeting her, several of them decided to go in for the operation as well.

All departments of your hospital are fully equipped with modern technology and are run by the best of the doctors available in India. Your highly qualified doctors are humble and treat us like friends and family members - some of them have even become my friends on Facebook. In fact, my wife was operated for cancer at Tata Memorial in the past, and the same doctors are now with you. As a result, I have recommended Ambani hospital and the doctors here, to many of my contemporaries ailing with some illness or the other.

I am often at your hospital, as it has become a second home to me, where I can sometimes grab a meal (usually breakfast), meet friends at Starbucks, buy my medicines, etc. In my view, no other hospital compares to the facilities and treatment you offer.

Please accept my thanks for the wonderful quality of care we have received so far, and we hope to continue recommending the doctors and their teams here in the future too!

Best wishes,

Prakash Mardolkar