Nilkanth Thakur, Mumbai

Nilkanth Thakur, Mumbai

My Background:
My childhood was as carefree and enjoyable as any child from a well to do family. I never had major illnesses since my childhood. I was never hospitalised except a tonsil surgery. My parents provided everything possible for a comfortable childhood and lot of books. Ground games never appealed me except cricket. I used to be a voracious reader which resulted in a frail frame when I entered my youth. My mother insisted me to learn swimming and also enrolled me in a gymnasium.
In my college days I was a regular gym enthusiast and tried to be the same till today. I developed good strength and muscularity and I have enjoyed good health all my life.

The Accident
My whole world changed on that fateful day of 30th December 2015 when a careless truck driver made my bike fly in the air by banging it from behind. He fled from the spot while I landed on my right hand and dislocated the right elbow. I noticed the rigidness in my elbow and immediately decided to get medical help.

Within 30 minutes I was at the doorsteps of a renowned hospital in Mumbai. Since the ortho surgeon was busy, his assistant attended. After X ray and CT scan they informed me of fracture and dislocation of elbow joint. They decided to try for reduction of the elbow joint by manually pulling and twisting to its place. Another X ray was taken to ensure success. A plaster was applied and painkillers were prescribed. My life changed from super fit to handicapped man in a day.

The Horrible Neglect:
When I visited the hospital again after 15 days as per the advice, the plaster was removed and another plaster was put in its place. The ortho. surgeon busy as usual tried to spend minimum time for inspection and advised a re-plaster.

Same story was repeated for next 3 visits. The swelling was reducing but I did not feel much improvement. During these visits I kept pleading to the Ortho. Surgeon to go for another x ray or scan to ensure all is well, however the busy surgeon kept on neglecting for reasons best known to him. After 3rd visit he advised me to wear brace and start physiotherapy.
Now I was getting tired of this handicapped life. Sensing something was drastically wrong with the treatment, and non improvement of elbow movement, I decided to go for 2nd opinion. Bad news and silver Lining

I approached Kokilaben Hospital and checked for available Orthopaedic surgeons. I was suggested the name of Dr Shreyas Gajjar who was at the OPD to my luck.
He listened patiently to my history, checked all previous reports, inspected the joint and asked for an X-ray.

The rechecking and confused look of X ray technician made my heart to miss several beats. The X ray technician advised me to approach the Ortho surgeon immediately.
Dr Shreyas Gajjar saw the X ray and broke the bad news that my elbow was still dislocated and advised immediate surgery. I was crest fallen after knowing that all these days of pain, hardship and medicines were rendered useless (Due to carelessness and over- confidence of a ....).

However every cloud has a silver lining and that lining was there in the form of Dr Shreyas Gajjar.

The Magical Super Precision :
He calmly explained the need of urgency (Since a dislocated joint tends to freeze if not attended.) He elaborated the entire procedure slowly step by step and assured me of complete recovery after the surgery .He even fixed the date of surgery after 3 days.

His confidence was magical which gave me the much needed hope to hang in. He asked for an MRI to be done same day and studied the reports in my presence explaining important aspects.

Once bitten twice shy, in the same evening I consulted another experienced surgeon for 3rd opinion whose opinion concurred with that of Dr Shreyas Gajjar.

Now I was ready for the surgery and as per the plan same was performed on me in a super efficient manner.

When I woke up in the evening there was some pain which disappeared with assurance of Dr Shreyas Gajjar that Surgery was successful and I can expect 100% recovery. True to his word my elbow started moving from next week like never before and after physiotherapy and follow up, a smooth and speedy recovery was achieved. My physiotherapist also was astonished at the recovery and praised the skills of Dr Shreyas Gajjar who performed such perfect surgery which was one of the best to her knowledge.

Gratitude One Year After:
I have recovered almost all of my lost strength, resumed gymnasium and even surprised my trainers at my recovery.

As they praise my new strength, I know deep in my mind that it was Dr Shreyas Gajjar who gave me this new life.

Thank You Doctor, I will be remain indebted to you for my entire life.