CSSD Technician

CSSD Technician
Job No.
Tech - 04
Support Staff and Tech
Work Experience
2 years - 5 years

Receive used instruments and ETO items, which comes after surgery and cathlab procedures and clean it as per the protocol. (to be accomplished by technician posted in OT) • Prepare the sets and separate packs as per the checklists and the master file.  • Pack ETO materials as required and sterilize.  Sterilize the articles in priority basis and also to confirm the physical, chemical and biological parameters are satisfied prior to issue to the user departments. If there any problems, report it to the deputy or in charge.  Arrange the sterile materials in the sterile area as per the protocol.  • Take the stock of sterile dressing materials, linen packs, other accessories and the unsterile stock on the work sheet provided, and get maintained the sterile stock and also mention the work out put on the same sheet.  • Issue sterile materials to all user departments only after confirming that the packs are intact, clearly labeled, and dry and earliest expiry date.  • Fumigate the sterile area and get the air sampling done on a weekly basis.  • Take care of the key functions of the department on holidays & Sundays.  • Daily report to the deputy following documents: Bowie – Dick Test Report, Autoclave and ETO graphs, instrument exchange papers, Laundry receipt paper, ETO exchange papers, Stock paper and previous day’s work sheet.  • Prepare accessories such as Black Silk, Barbour linen and catheters those are required for maintaining the stock and in priority basis as asked by the senior staff.   • Operate all types of sterilizers.  • Co-ordinate with OT nurses to collect & issue CSSD supplies and also confirm the physical stock (To be accomplished by technician posted in OT).  • Prepare linen packs, dressing materials or any other packs those are required for maintaining the stock and in priority basis as asked by the senior staff.  • Stationing at OT, operate the plasma sterilizer, co-ordinate with OT nurses to collect and issue CSSD supplies.   • To be part of the Quality Improvement Initiative and protocols of the organization.