Operation Theatre Technician

Operation Theatre Technician
Job No.
Tech 04
Support Staff and Tech
Work Experience
2 - 5 Years
HSC & Diploma in OT Technician / B.Sc
  • To ensure that the correct patient has been brought for surgery.
  • To assist in transfer of patient from trolley to operation table
  • To apply all monitoring devices as per O. T. norms.
  • To assist Anesthetist in securing a venous access if required.
  • To assist the surgeon to gaun - up.
  • To accurately and safely use all patient positioning devices and tables. 
Operation and Maintenance Of Equipment:
  • To supervise proper cleaning of instruments and their subsequent storage.
  • To ensure safe keeping of expensive instruments.
  • To help Anesthetist in maintaining a record of all drugs used during surgery.
  • To inform O. T. in-charge of unserviceable equipment and ensure that they do not appear on the table at the time of surgery.
  • To keep all instruments ready for use in the O.T.
  • To ensure that all equipment is in optimum working condition. 
  • To route non-functional equipment to proper maintenance department for repair, noting on equipment what the malfunction appears to be. 
  • To carry out specialized cleaning of equipment where indicated.
  • To carry out disinfection or decontamination of equipment prior to sterilization where indicated.
  • To be part of the Quality Improvement Initiative & protocols of the Organization.