Jr. Technical Officer / Technical Officer / Senior Technical Officer (Imaging)

Jr. Technical Officer / Technical Officer / Senior Technical Officer (Imaging)
Job No.
Tech - 02
Support Staff and Tech
Work Experience
3 years - 8 years
H.Sc plus Diploma in Medical Radiology
Patient identification before the procedure and explaining the various protocols / procedural details to the Patient. • Checking all the patient data and information on the request form before procedure.
Explaining how the procedure works to the patient and ensuring that they are comfortable. • Ensure that the patient is positioned properly in order to get the best quality x-ray.
Adjust the equipment to obtain the correct angle. Knowledge of how to use the x-ray equipment is a must.
Taking preventative steps to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation.
Maintenance of all records, i.e. Patient’s reports, outsourced tests, stock register, portable Xrays, quality control, equipment log etc.
Handling and operating the X Ray machine. • Be able to program the machine to the proper voltage, current and desired exposure time as dictated by the physician. 
Positions patient under X-Ray machine, adjusts immobilization devices, and provides appropriate radiation protection.
Administers routine X-Ray exams, assists in physical exams, assists physician in treatment of injured patients by giving injections, changing dressings, or removing sutures under the physicians or nurses directions
Adjusts switches regulating length and intensity of exposure. 
Prepares reports and maintains records of services rendered. 
Maintains radiological film files and storage, pulls X-Rays as required for referrals and/or copying. 
Keeps logs for X-Rays sent out for referrals. 
Makes minor adjustments to equipment. 
Performs duties to achieve or exceed established service standards. 
Performs other duties as assigned.
To be part of the Quality Improvement Initiative and protocols of the organization.