Junior Technical Officer / Technical Officer - MRI (Imaging, Radiology)

Junior Technical Officer / Technical Officer - MRI (Imaging, Radiology)
Job No.
Tech 01
Support Staff and Tech
Work Experience
2 - 10 yrs of experience in relevant field
HSC / Graduation / Diploma / Degree in MRI Technology
  • Patient identification before the procedure and explaining the various protocols / procedural details to the Patient.
  • Ensure the safety of patients, staff and visitors who come in contact with the powerful magnetic field of a MRI scanner. 
  • Explain procedures, answer patients' questions as fully as possible and provide emotional support. 
  • Position patients and coils on a table that slides inside the MRI scanner. 
  • Maintaining contrast media rate as per the procedural requirement. 
  • Set appropriate technical parameters, operate MRI scanners and related equipment, and observe image data on computer monitors during scans. 
  • Checking all the patient data and information on the request form before procedure.
  • Checking the patient entry in the HIS.
  • To get the consent form signed from patient in case of contrast MRI.
  • Maintenance of all records, i.e. Patient’s reports, outsourced tests, stock register, quality control, equipment log etc.
  • Follow all safety procedures for self, patients and machinery. 
  • Be able to program the machine to the proper voltage, current and desired exposure time as dictated by the physician. 
  • Monitors the patient’s condition before and after the scan to ensure patient safety and comfort. 
  • Positions and instructs the patient about the preparation for the MRI test. 
  • Knowledge of cross-sectional anatomy of the head, thorax and abdomen, physiology, and MRI terminology, practices and procedures. 
  • Be familiar with specific MRI coding systems. 
  • Responsible in enforcing magnetic field safety for MRI patients, operator and visitors. 
  • Maintain patient log, equipment service manual, delivery schedule and all related statistics. 
  • To take the scan properly and make films appropriately.
  • Handling and operating the MRI machine.
  • Calibrating the MRI machine on daily basis.
  • Performs quality assurance checks on equipment and procedure areas on routine basis
  • Operates required equipment necessary to produce scans using established guidelines and MRI protocols.
  • Prepares and positions patient for procedure by using established MRI protocols to achieve the highest quality image.
  • Ensuring cleanliness and standard temperature of the MRI procedure room
  • Assists in maintaining supply inventory and participates in ongoing service and process improvement efforts.
  • To be part of the Quality Improvement Initiative and protocols of the organization.